Cleaning Tips

VERY IMPORTANT… Your carpet’s best friend is your vacuum cleaner and take your shoes off at the door! Make an appointment with Dry Connection Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning at least once a year! Regular cleaning will reduce dustmites and their allergens, improving your indoor air quality.

Mud: Let wet mud dry before cleaning. This will only spread the mud. Once dry vacuum. Any left over stain can be treated by blotting the spot with a terry cloth using vinegar and water (ratio 1-4)

Coffee: Extract coffee with paper towel. Blot spot with vinegar and water (ratio 1-4)
Catsup: Scrape catsup. Extract spot with moist terry cloth. Blot spot with water and dish washing detergent (ratio 1-10)
Urine: Extract urine. Blot urine with vinegar and water. (ratio 2-4) For old spots use Nature Miracle, available at most pet stores.
Candle Wax: Scrape candle wax with a dull knife. Place slightly moist white towel on top of the spot. Place warm iron (cotton setting) on top for 5 seconds at a time slightly brushing candle each procedure.
Paint/Ink: Scrape paint. Use nail polish remover by blotting the spot starting from the edges to the center. Repeat process several times. Then neutralize spot with water by blotting. Before starting pretest nail polish remover in a hidden place like closet for color fastness.